Monday, October 25, 2004
Don't be the one that talks too much...
I've been sick and majoring in doing nothing but laying on the couch, watching movies and television, and reading books. And besides from the being sick part it has been GLORIOUS! It was like I created my own fall break. Oh the joy! But now I am back to reality.

That reality started before the sun came up today. I was up before the sun and driving downtown to be there before my substitute teacher training started at the early hour of 7:45am. Too early! I think there were still stars in the sky! The training was very beneficial. The information given was so good. They went through the Math and Reading models that the district uses, what to put in your substitute bag of tricks, and how to deal with a lack of lesson plans. We analyzed our personalities and looked at how that might affect our classrooms. We met in different groups and got to meet several people. We watched an interesting video too. Overall it was very beneficial. Tomorrow we go over the logistics, procedures, and such.

The one bad thing about this training was when the people would not quit talking. And it wasn't the facilitators. It was the would-be-substitute teachers. WHY ARE THEY TALKING?!?! I haven't a clue. They would raise their hands and repeat things too much and just go on and on and on. I was sitting in a group of four and one of the four was a TALKER! One of the others mentioned how she just feels embarrased for those ones that talk to much. Grrrr. Remember the rules: 1. Think twice before you say it and then don't say it at all. 2. There ARE stupid questions. 3. There ARE stupid and irrelevant comments.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It is Fall! This isn't New England or anything, but we have a beautiful tree changing colors in the lawn. The fact that trees change like this makes me so happy! What a miracle.  Posted by Hello

The crust was even further improved by the best quiche ever made. It was awesome. And beautiful!  Posted by Hello

Last night I got all domestic and made a quiche. I made the crust from scratch (first time!)! I was so proud because this is a beautiful crust. It is even 80% whole wheat flour. I am so proud. And look at the edges. They are nicely curved or edged or something. So proud! It tasted good too! Posted by Hello
Sunday, October 17, 2004
Windshields and salted butter...
Yesterday morning as I walked out the door towards my car on the way to work, I discovered yet another reason to be happy to be moving to Texas: less cold days. I LOVE cold weather, but what I do *not* love is waiting for the windows to defrost when I do not have time to wait for the windows to defrost. So yesterday morning I drove with the windows open so that I could see outside and not get in an accident. And it will only get worse. The windshields will get really frosted with a sheet of ice, not just some foggy water. If I have to drive with the windows open, it will be bitterly cold. Until January....

When I got to work, it was cold there too, but all was good. I made an upside down Apple Pumpkin Cake. It was very easy to make. It baked, I took it out of the oven, and gave it to a customer. I tried it a second after she had and my mouth rejected it. It was truly revolting. Poor customer lady ate the whole thing. I asked her how it was and she said it was good. I asked her if she thought it was too salty. She said, hmm, maybe so. Maybe so? Certainly! It was disgustingly salty! She asked if perhaps I had used the salted butter instead of the sweet cream, unsalted butter. Hehe, if only that were the problem. No, no, I had used 1/3 cup of salt instead of 1/3 cup of sugar. I offered the customer a cup of water, threw the entire cake in the trash, wrote "SALT!" on the clear, unlabeled bag containing the salt-or-sugar-substance, and started a new cake, which turned out quite well.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Melody... in a rare second she stood still while running around the kitchen holding a pair of socks in her daily "it is 5pm someone should be home to play with me" routine.  Posted by Hello
Fishy Fishy

The weather is getting cold and soon our fish will go into hibernation. :( But you know what that means... more fish!!! For some reason, the change of seasons makes these fish multiply like rabbits! Think you have killed them, oh no, there are more. We were once down to 2 but then they just started appearing out of nowhere. Now the biggest count is 13. Aren't they cute!
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Melody in the backyard.  Posted by Hello
Shhh! You are in a library!
Today I was taping my video of "what do library aides do?" in the high school library. I could NOT get the kids to be LOUD ENOUGH! They were talking in these quiet 6 inch library voices. It is definately going to cost me some points on the video, but at least I did well on the other parts. I still need to convert it to a VHS tape (hope I have one!) and mail it off along with all of my audio-visual signoff sheets. Then it is a *huge* check off of my list for the semster. Now I can focus on my webquest and case study. Fun Fun. Actually the first one will be but the second? not so much.

Monday, October 11, 2004
So tempting...
A lady from one of the apartments in Texas that I looked at just emailed me about their latest availability. Oh how tempting it is. It has a non-galley kitchen, 100 square feet more than I need, and a washer/dryer included in the apartment. Oh the temptation!

Friday, October 08, 2004
Monday was my very first time substituting. And it went great. I had heard horror stories, and frankly, I was scared. But it really went better than I could have imagined. I knew a handful of kids from doing the youth group gig up at church and I recognized a handful more. So that was nice to see some familiar faces. There was only one class that got a little unruly. And only one paper airplane. So I consider that a success.

And success was good, considering it could have made me run screaming from my future persuits and I would have gone through yet another career switch before ever turning 25 or actually starting a career.

Thursday, October 07, 2004
Last week I went on a 10-day whirl wind trip -o- Texas. I returned home to find Kansas in the fabulous season of fall with great cool weather that actually calls for jeans and three-quarter length shirts (as opposed to just wearing them because). But the fabulous weather is another story.

In Texas, I saw some of my bestest friends in the world. We caught up, we laughed, we cried. And again we said goodbye and returned to our respective states and cities.

I also met up with the librarians -- the ones who were taking a while to contact me, ya those librarians. And .... drum roll please..... I have a mentor! Well that at least is true I get accepted into the teaching cert. program and actually move down there. I am crossing all of my fingers and toes.

The HS library was bustling when I arrived. There were kids everywhere! And they were... get this... USING THE LIBRARY! They were studying, listening to the librarian, taking notes, using the computer lab, looking for a pleasure reading book, or just quietly hanging out. It was amazing. Especially considering what I was used to seeing and what I experienced in high school. I am more excited than anything to actually get to work in this library. Well work without pay that is. What an experience! And the librarian is eager to see what new things I can teach her about to keep them current. That is what she said in an email to her principal and library supervisor. How awesome!

I also discovered in Texas that I LOVE looking at apartments. That could be my new profession I believe. I found myself looking at expensive, luxury apartments. Things I cannot possibly afford. But boy was it fun to daydream!

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