Thursday, August 23, 2007
School Dreams
I have been having first day of school dreams since school let out last May. Lots of dreams. Like every night. 80% of them go like this: I am standing in the front of my class talking to the students, getting to know them. I don't really know what we are doing other than that. Then the bell rings. And as they are walking out the door I suddenly remember about all that first day stuff that I DID NOT DO. So I yell at them, "I'll get you your syllabus and everything later" and the dream ends.

Then the other night I had another dream which goes much better. I do remember to hand out all the materials. But then I am reflecting about the day at the end of the day and it occurs to me that I skipped fifth period. I went to lunch and didn't ever make it back to class. Nice.

Here's hoping that the actual first day goes off flawlessly.

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