Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Teaching and bellwork
Not much to say except everything to say. I love my job. I have been here for five days now and I truly love it. I am really enjoying it.

And my guess work on teacher related delicious words has struck gold. Well a little nugget or two. A user has now used "bellwork". Twice. And it popped up in my bloglines account. Even though it didn't even exist anywhere before. Those two entries are the only two. How cool.
Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Why I hate loops...
I have millions of teaching type things that I should be doing right now, but my brain is pretty fried. When I am sleepless at night, my mind often turns to how much I hate loops. Loops- like the big loops that go around big cities.

This has to be read with this in mind: I have no sense of direction. Or if I have one, it is the anti-direction because I am always wrong. So this is why loops cause me so much trouble and I hate them.


1. If you are traveling in a circle, the city is always in the middle. As long as you stay going one way on the loop, the city will always be either to the left or the right. You cannot make any assumptions like, "I know where I am. The big tall building are to the left, therefore I am in the north." I have made these assumptions and been proved wrong.

2. The whole north west south east thing is too confusing. Because the loop can suddenly switch from north to west, it is not always easy to determine which is the right way to go. Sometimes going to a final destination east and south of the original location means getting onto the north loop. I know. I have experienced this.

3. There are no clear pictures where you are on the loop. There are no maps or anything. No pictures. There should be.

Which leads to my proposal: loops should not be called north, south, east, and west. They should be called clockwise and counterclockwise. Exits should be numbered according to the clock. 1-12. Maybe even exit numbers like 12:45. That way, a person (me) would always know exactly where I am. There should also be pictures on big green sigs that show exactly where you are on the loop and which direction you are going.

Maybe normal people don't have loop issues. But I do. And I think these changes would help me out.
Saturday, August 06, 2005
Life Update from Houston
I passed my PPR qualifying exam with flying colors this morning. 93% yo! I was a little worried because with all the upheaval in my life last week I had zero time to study. But apparently I am getting it.

Then I drove to Houston today, which took me half the time then it took to drive from Houston to Austin on Tuesday. Thats what happens when you drive straight through.

I got to look at two apartments and put down a hold check deposit on two. I will then decide which one to keep tomorrow. It is two hundred square feet bigger than my old one so that is very happy! Its really open. And it has a fan in the living room. So I am excited about that.

I start work on Monday. And except for my MIA copy of English Teacher's Companion I think I have all my supplies. It's gonna be a good year.
Thursday, August 04, 2005
new linkroll
I just learned about the new linkroll option that now offers. I just implemented it into my blog and I love it! It takes awhile to get to it. Its all the way down below the books. Makes me really want to have a three column blog again. Oh if I had the time. But unfortunately I am needed to find an apartment, pack, practice for my PPR test, and think about my new job.

But this new option is really cool.

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Job Details
I have had teacher job applications in for about 5 Austin school districts since June. Then in July I started to get really nervous and casted my net a little wider. I started watching the job openings in the Dallas and Houston areas and started applying. So then Monday I got a call from an Assistant Principal in the Houston area. They wanted me to come interview. So I drove down on Monday afternoon and stayed with my grandparents and interviewed Tuesday at 10. They told me they would let me know that day. But not knowing if I had a reason to stay, I started the drive back. While getting on 290, I got a call from the principal, offering me the job.

So within 24 hours I got the call, had the interview, and got the job. Its pretty exciting and I know I am still getting used to the idea.I really liked the two people I interviewed with and the principal sounded great too. I start on Monday and then students are there on Thursday. Eeeek! I am really happy with my decision, though, and I am looking forward to a successful year.

So now I have to make a bunch of decisions, prepare to teach, and move. By the way, this will be my fourth move in 2.5 years. Wow.
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Jobless no more
I got a job. And I am leaving on Saturday. Details to come.

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