Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Why I hate loops...
I have millions of teaching type things that I should be doing right now, but my brain is pretty fried. When I am sleepless at night, my mind often turns to how much I hate loops. Loops- like the big loops that go around big cities.

This has to be read with this in mind: I have no sense of direction. Or if I have one, it is the anti-direction because I am always wrong. So this is why loops cause me so much trouble and I hate them.


1. If you are traveling in a circle, the city is always in the middle. As long as you stay going one way on the loop, the city will always be either to the left or the right. You cannot make any assumptions like, "I know where I am. The big tall building are to the left, therefore I am in the north." I have made these assumptions and been proved wrong.

2. The whole north west south east thing is too confusing. Because the loop can suddenly switch from north to west, it is not always easy to determine which is the right way to go. Sometimes going to a final destination east and south of the original location means getting onto the north loop. I know. I have experienced this.

3. There are no clear pictures where you are on the loop. There are no maps or anything. No pictures. There should be.

Which leads to my proposal: loops should not be called north, south, east, and west. They should be called clockwise and counterclockwise. Exits should be numbered according to the clock. 1-12. Maybe even exit numbers like 12:45. That way, a person (me) would always know exactly where I am. There should also be pictures on big green sigs that show exactly where you are on the loop and which direction you are going.

Maybe normal people don't have loop issues. But I do. And I think these changes would help me out.

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