Tuesday, May 08, 2007
April Gone
April was a busy month. After spring break was over the days at school started flying by. I started looking at buying a house. And then I found one. And then I bought it. I went from no house to closed on a house in a matter of weeks. Crazy. Buying a house not in the summer is not something I would recommend to a teacher. Taking days off is a pain. I now have to get the gas turned on so I can have hot water. And Centerpoint only makes all day appointments. And I don't have all day. Grrr.

But the house is lovely and I am really looking forward to moving in and getting everything all set up this summer.

Wish I had some leftover money to buy this cute shirt though.

I have my teaching assignment for next year. As of now I stay in the same school and the same room and teach 4 classes PreAP 9th and 2 classes PreAP 10th. I am very excited about that.

Tomorrow I have a meeting about the curriculum.

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