Monday, February 26, 2007
February Post
Hehe. I just filled out a form listing the beneficiaries of my 403b as my spouse, children, and grandchildren. Ha. My students in my seventh period class today asked me if I had a cat. I told them I barely had any plants. One student said, "She has no time to have a pet because she is too busy taking care of us." Duh.

I have a lot to think about these days. I will know more information about my job next year in the next few weeks. At what campus I will be teaching, what subject (perhaps), or perhaps which library.

I am still thinking about Europe and house and car. No plans have been made.

My grandfather is holding strong in a state where he can play catch but not touch his nose on command.

Life is precious.
Friday, February 02, 2007
Harry Potter Ruins Summer Vacation...
Is it bad that the thought of missing the release of the seventh and final Harry Potter book because I am in Europe makes me start to hyperventilate?

Right now I am looking at the dates July 16th to August 6. Spain then Ireland. Well that was what I was looking at. Now I am thinking July 16-Aug. 6 with a side trip to London on the 21st to get the book in London (because really... what could be cooler?) Four days to just read the book. Then continue vacation.

I read the last book on vacation in San Diego. But that was a trip where we stayed in one place and had mucho luggage. How can I possibly travel light with a five pound book? I can't! How can I remain spoiler free for three weeks? Is it possible?

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