Thursday, August 04, 2005
Job Details
I have had teacher job applications in for about 5 Austin school districts since June. Then in July I started to get really nervous and casted my net a little wider. I started watching the job openings in the Dallas and Houston areas and started applying. So then Monday I got a call from an Assistant Principal in the Houston area. They wanted me to come interview. So I drove down on Monday afternoon and stayed with my grandparents and interviewed Tuesday at 10. They told me they would let me know that day. But not knowing if I had a reason to stay, I started the drive back. While getting on 290, I got a call from the principal, offering me the job.

So within 24 hours I got the call, had the interview, and got the job. Its pretty exciting and I know I am still getting used to the idea.I really liked the two people I interviewed with and the principal sounded great too. I start on Monday and then students are there on Thursday. Eeeek! I am really happy with my decision, though, and I am looking forward to a successful year.

So now I have to make a bunch of decisions, prepare to teach, and move. By the way, this will be my fourth move in 2.5 years. Wow.

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