Monday, October 25, 2004
Don't be the one that talks too much...
I've been sick and majoring in doing nothing but laying on the couch, watching movies and television, and reading books. And besides from the being sick part it has been GLORIOUS! It was like I created my own fall break. Oh the joy! But now I am back to reality.

That reality started before the sun came up today. I was up before the sun and driving downtown to be there before my substitute teacher training started at the early hour of 7:45am. Too early! I think there were still stars in the sky! The training was very beneficial. The information given was so good. They went through the Math and Reading models that the district uses, what to put in your substitute bag of tricks, and how to deal with a lack of lesson plans. We analyzed our personalities and looked at how that might affect our classrooms. We met in different groups and got to meet several people. We watched an interesting video too. Overall it was very beneficial. Tomorrow we go over the logistics, procedures, and such.

The one bad thing about this training was when the people would not quit talking. And it wasn't the facilitators. It was the would-be-substitute teachers. WHY ARE THEY TALKING?!?! I haven't a clue. They would raise their hands and repeat things too much and just go on and on and on. I was sitting in a group of four and one of the four was a TALKER! One of the others mentioned how she just feels embarrased for those ones that talk to much. Grrrr. Remember the rules: 1. Think twice before you say it and then don't say it at all. 2. There ARE stupid questions. 3. There ARE stupid and irrelevant comments.


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