Monday, July 31, 2006 thoughts.... again!
I should be in bed.

But... so many exciting things are going on. Today is the one year anniversary of my call to come interview for my current job. I can't believe I was called and at my first day of work within one week. Crazy! How did I do it? I spend today up at the school making a paper tree lining one corner and going up the ceiling. Pictures later.

Then on the AP English Listserv, someone mentioned this cool thing called de-what? Oh yeah. Only the thing that I lived and breathed and turned into a major project last summer. for Teachers. And now a TEACHER is wondering all about it. So I got my lurker self to reply and shared what I know. I feel like my library/technology world and my teaching worlds are colliding. And it is awesome.

I see more education related tags in my future.

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