Thursday, June 23, 2005 Pizza
I have 778 words written and two boxes of Papa Johns in the fridge. Thats enough to get me through 8 meals (16 peices / 2 peices per meal. Or more meals if I include breakfast in the pizza marathon. Because you only eat one piece for breakfast. Duh.) without even thinking about what my next meal is gonna be. With all four food groups, pizza is that magical food. But maybe I oughta add a multivitamin to the to-do list.

While tagging something today I noticed a pretty new page on If you are not logged in and click on your post to bookmarklet, it is a new page, new design. Its pretty. And I emailed Joshua a typo that I found on the About page. I don't know if he cares though. In the whole scheme of things its pretty small.

Holy Cow! New things on the About Page. I know those weren't there before. Now my whole screencast is out of date. The "post to" bookmarklet has changed to "remember this". Don't know if I like that. (And I know you can change it.) But the instructions are awesome!

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