Sunday, July 30, 2006
Summer: Over
One week from today I will be anxious and nervous about starting a new year of school. Now, I feel confident and on schedule and excited. I have already been up to school three times to work on my room. And I have another whole week to get it done. And not too much to do. I am 18 pages away from finishing Great Expectations. Unfortunatly, it HAS taken me all summer. I would try to read it or feel guilty about not reading it and wouldn't allow myself to read anything else on the side. For the most part, anyway. I have read two books in the past few days.

I read/skimmed all of Teaching with Love and Logic. My mom went to a week long conference on the topic and really enjoyed it. I had already had the book and went ahead and looked though it. So now I am ready with empathy, enforceable statements, and providing choices.

I am also about half way done with How to Read Literature Like a Professor. This has been a great experience. It is always good to have things to look for when reading good literature. So I can look smart... because I am...

teaching 5 section of Pre-AP. In one sense, I feel like I am returning to my people. In another, I wonder if I am up to the task. But I am very excited about actually giving homework and having them do it and being able to have more class discussions. I went to a AP Institute a few weeks ago and came back pumped and full of ideas.

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