Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Summer Week 4
Saturday- my parents drove into town from Kansas to spend time with my mom's parents (and me!)
Sunday - Father's day - went to Texas Land and Cattle
Monday - take my dad to the airport, lunch at Arandas
Tuesday - mall with my mom and grandmother, Astro's game
Wednesday - more shopping, church
Thursday- watch my cousin's, out to lunch in Rosenberg, more shopping, pick my dad up at the airport where they have lost his luggage for the second time in four days.
Friday - run errands, pick up more pottery, make lasagna, movie night
Saturday - lazy day, laundry, dishes, spend night with friends in Richmond
Sunday - drive to Friendswood, shower at home, drive to Houston, shop at Galleria, drive to church in Sugar Land, pizza dinner with friends, drive home so tired but can't sleep.

Notice the lack of reading Great Expectations. I am forcing myself to read that before reading anything else, but since I am not reading that either, I'm not reading much of anything. But I did read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picault which my mom made me read. (She called me crying... "You just have to read it"). It was well worth it.

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