Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Veronica Mars
Friday, I get the Season One DVD of Veronica Mars. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I watch Season One of Veronica Mars. And the only thing that I am ashamed about is that I am so not ashamed. Yes, I watched more tv in the past three days than in the past three days, but Veronica Mars is just so fabulous.

I also washed my car, waxed my car, vacuumed my apartment (twice!), cleaned out most of the stuff in the fridge, went to the grocery store, organized my magnetic poetry by part of speech (is there any other way??), saw friends, worked on ripping apart the rolltop portion to my desk, went to the pool, read, went to a baseball game, went to church, ran more errands, and taught a day of school. It was perhaps the most productive weekend ever.

I gave my first two of 6 finals today and after grading them today, I saw how much better students do if you actually give them time, incentive (extra credit) and the correct answers on the exam review. Imagine that.

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