Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Summer: Day One
8:00 I'm out of bed and watching some of Katie Couric's last day.

8:15 I've had breakfast and am swimsuit clad

8:55 I'm sunscreened. I have watched the weather. May need an umbrella this afternoon, but that's ok because I want to go swimming this MORNING.

9:03 I'm at the pool.

9:03:30 The pool is locked.

9:05 Getting the mail, I see an apartment worker lady. I ask about the pool. They are cleaning the pool. She asks another employee.

9:07 Pool gets unlocked. They will be cleaning it, but I can stay and read for about an hour.

9:08 Perfect

9:10 Towel arranged on chair

9:10:20 iPod on

9:10:30 Latest Nora Roberts book open and ready

9:20 Rain starts spitting down. Not much. I can handle this. It's not real rain, it's not real rain, it's not real rain.

9:25 It is real rain, it is real rain, it is real rain.

9:26 Grab ipod, book, towel, water. Go back to apartment.

9:27 Sit on porch. In cushy chair. This is nice. I can do this. Who needs a pool?

9:35 Is that the sunshine?

9:36 It is!

9:42 Back at the pool. Towel arranged, book open, iPod on.

9:45 Reading. This is nice.

10:05 Real rain. Big fat drops of rain. Like the sky is laughing at me.

10:07 Walking back to my apartment, realizing the irony of covering myself with a towel to avoid the rain when I am in a swimsuit that was designed to be wet.

10:15 Screw this. I'll do pilates instead of swim laps, shower, and try again tomorrow. Hmph.

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