Sunday, May 21, 2006
Pudding Pops
Google pudding pops and you will get this article about the return of the pudding pops (written in 2004). I don't remember seeing those puddding pops on the shelves so I am doubtful that they made a national release. But looking at the shape of the new pudding pops reminded me of what I like best about the old ones. They were thinner and fatter. Probably about three inches wide. My favorite bites (I tended to be a biter, until towards the end when it got mushy and lickable) were the bites at the very bottom. Turn the popsicle upside down and take the two bites at the bottom on either side of the stick. Those were the best two bites. There were usually little icy bits hanging off of the frozen pudding goodness. Yum.
Indeed, no Jell-O Pudding Pop feels complete without the requisite amount of crunchy, odorless ice mold; the addition somehow makes the pops even more glorious. Aiding to form a surrogate "shell" around the soft molded pudding, freezer burn is credited for turning an otherwise "just okay" dessert into something children have been known to battle over with swords, maces and water guns.
Even if the pudding pops are back, (and apparently I can get them at Fiesta), without the same shape, it's not quite the same.

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