Thursday, May 25, 2006
Blue Like Jazz
Today during my fourth period's final, I finished Blue Like Jazz. I had started in months ago and then never finished. This time I read the whole thing. It was a great book to read during finals because it is quite random and easy to just pick up and read a chapter. I liked the writer's style and laughed out loud several times. There were some things in the book that I disagreed with, but overall it was thought-provoking and interesting.

The book was about this one guy's spirituality. He talks about how he doesn't like to use the word Christian (even though he is ceratinly a Christian) because that word has a bad connotation. The book is not linear, which makes it slightly hard to follow when he had what thoughts, but that really isn't the point, so I guess it's ok.

Favorite quotes:
In the worship chapter, how it is important to realize there is Something bigger with everything worked out:
At the end of the day, when I am lying in bed and I know the chances of any of our theology being exactly right are a million to one, I need to know that God has things figured out, that if my math is wrong we are still going to be okay.

In the belief chapter:
If you are passionate about something, people will follow you because they think you know something they don't, some clue to the meaning of the universe.

Funny bit in the chapter on Grace:
We were the direct opposite of a frat house; instead of funneling our testosterone into binge drinking and rowdy parties, we were manning up to Jesus, bumping Him chest to chest as it were, like Bible salesman on steroids.

This book was on my summer reading list and the first book for me to complete. Way to go, me!

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