Sunday, April 23, 2006
Romeo and Juliet
I am staying one small step ahead of my students in reading Romeo and Juliet. I have now read through Act II. They have read only the first two scenes. Reading it in chunks and teaching it bits at a time has proved interesting. I wouldn't recommend it. Some students were arguing about who killed him/herself first and with what instrument. I was struggling to recollect from reading it years ago and watching the movie years ago. I am loving the Romeo and Juliet Navigator for my understanding.

The actual teaching of it is going well. We are not spending all class time just reading and answering questions. We sat in a circle on the floor the very first day and read the prologue several different times and ways. We almost acted out the opening scene and the sword fight. Students got into groups and recited the 2nd prologue in their own way. Most of them were ordinary, but one group did an awesome step routine. Would have been even better with more than 20 minutes to prepare. Tomorrow we will use the handhelds again and analyze the language in 2.3. On Thursday they will take a test on the handhelds. That will be interesting. Hopefully the good kind.

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