Thursday, April 27, 2006
Quiz on the Axims
Today I gave a test on Act II of Romeo and Juliet on the Dell handhelds. It was only 20 questions, multiple choice, in HTML format that my technology guru put together. She also made a sample test for the students to do before taking the real test so that they had a feel for it before doing it for real. I also gave all of the students the opportunity to take the test on paper and pencil, after seeing how the electronic test would work. About 6 took the paper test. Overall, the test was WAY easier for me. I just had to watch for cheaters and then write down the scores in the gradebook. I am quiet sure that there were cheaters. There always are. In this case, they took the test and then closed it, went back and took it again. I saw one student taking the test like this. I'm sure there were others.

Tomorrow I need to ask the students what they thought about the test and why they did or did not like using the computers. Maybe I will get to that. Fridays are crazy. FOUR WEEKS LEFT!!!

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