Saturday, October 29, 2005
so i can have it if i am at a party
I broke down and bought an iPod today. I got my first paycheck that is not dedicated to car repairs or tuition yesterday so I thought I would go spend it. When I walked into the Apple store, it was very hot, as places raditating so much technology sometimes are. The store was packed with people too. I browsed around a minute, even though I pretty much knew that I wanted the 30 G version. I listened in to a salesperson. She was talking to a couple of people deciding between the 30 G and 60 G. She said that SHE would have to have the 60 G so that all of her music would be on there so that if someone mentioned that they liked a song at a party, she would have it on her iPod, even if she didn't even like that song.

Well, I am just going to be selfish here, and only put songs that I LIKE on my iPod, so sorry if you ever encounter me at a party and choose to rely on me for your listening pleasure.

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