Thursday, October 13, 2005
Great webquest experience and rewards
I have been so busy with grades, life, and school that I haven't posted much. I had such a successful experience with my webquest. I took three days in the computer lab and the students turned out some awesome projects. Some of the best were great looking Publisher newsletter documents with creative titles, several articles about things related to Of Mice and Men, and extra items to make it look like a real newspaper. Some of the worst were simply questions and answers, but at least they turned something in and learned something.

We are now diving into the book, Of Mice and Men. We have read a chapter so far and will take a quiz on it tomorrow.

This week, in order to get late work to be turned in, I offered a semi-party to the class that got the most work turned in. My fourth period class suprised me and actually won. I would have bet money that it would have been a different class. Fourth period is the lunch period, and a very lively, social class. Today when I announced that they had won, I told them that I was frankly, surprised, but so very proud of them. One of them said, "Aw, Ms. Lauve, you're gonna make me cry." And then I actually teared up. But I didn't cry or anything. (Not like with the four year olds when they deliberately spilled the vegetables in the middle of lunch.) But it was a nice moment. And for the rest of the class period, I had the threat of taking away the food if they weren't good. That was very nice.

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