Sunday, October 16, 2005
books books books
Thanks to Barnes and Noble's Educator Savings Week and the fact that I redeem my credit card rewards with Barnes and Noble gift certificates I got a bunch of Young Adult books today for my students to read. A little of me cringes when I am slowly but surely building a classroom library which detracts from students using the school library, but with some of these kids, if I didn't hand them a book, they would read nothing.

Anyway, this is Teen Read Week and I would like to do a book talk for one of my new books each day this week. And I will try. But in the midst of cramming everything else into the curriculum, I'm not sure if it will happen.

On Thursday we have a TAKS benchmark test in the morning and I will only see my afternoon students. Maybe I could spend the afternoon reading a few chapters of a few books to my students. They would love that.

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