Sunday, September 18, 2005
I haven't talked that much in my classes about Hurricane Katrina, even though its effects are felt in the very room. I did have two students from New Orleans but now I just have one. The other went to live with family in Baton Rouge.

However, when I came across this poem that I used as a warm up. I asked students to respond to it. Before my first class, though, I remembered how we used to TRASH IT. Thats how we analyzed poetry in my 10th grade AP History and Honors English Block. I wanted to use this acronym with my class but I couldn't remember what everything stood for. I ended up frantically emailing the very teacher that taught me. She emailed me back and said she was glad I was teaching and glad I remembered something I had learned in her class.

While putting away my banana bread that I cooked over the weekend tonight I wrapped thirds in foil. I looked for the shiny side of the foil and was reminded of a story my ninth grade physical science teacher told. She was picking her daughter up from school and taking her somewhere else. She made her bagel pizza to take with her. She prepared the pizzas and then wrapped them in such a way that they were kept so hot that they burned the kid's mouth when she ate them. She told us about the foil and about the 3 kinds of heat or something like that. But I remember the foil and how it has a shiny side and a dull side and if you are keeping something warm, the shiny side should go toward the food.

So here is to my teachers, the ones that I remember while teaching, while cooking, and whenever else.

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