Friday, September 23, 2005
Rita update
I evacuated first to Sugar Land and then to College Station. I am here at my old sorority house in my sister's room with her roommate. We have plenty of fig newtons, sugar cookies and boxed juice drinks. We have flashlights and a radio. We are preparing as best we can for rain, wind, and power outages.

I wonder about my apartment on the first floor. I wonder about my computer sitting in my bathroom. I wonder about my bedspread that I love and my bed that my aunt and uncle brought to my house just a few weeks ago. I wonder about what will happen if any strong winds do anything to destroy my stuff. I have all of my pictures and sentimental things, so they will be ok. But I wonder about the rest.

I also wonder about what happens after Rita passes. How are the 3 million people going to get back into Houston? When am I going to go back to work? How many students will be there?

I feel so lucky to be safe and for the fact that I left so soon that I was not stuck in traffic. I also feel lucky that the hurricane is going more east than west. But I think and pray for the people that are now in the path of the storm. Poor Louisiana.

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