Tuesday, September 20, 2005
I know how to prepare for earthquakes, tornados, and snow, but I just realized I really have no idea what to do to prepare my apartment for Hurricane Rita. I lived in Memphis in 1990 when the earthquake was predicted and I remember the trash can full of canned food and radio and batteries and then I remember the t-shirts that were printed up to commemorate the non-event. I know that when you live in hilly Fayetteville, Arkansas and they predict snow, you go out and buy milk and dog food and plan to stay indoors until you go stir crazy. But I have never experienced a hurricane.

School was cancelled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I need to be in Austin anyway this weekend, so I am just going early to avoid the Galveston traffic. And I doubt that anything will happen to my stuff in my apartment, but I might take my computer and pictures with me just in case. I feel so dumb. I don't even know what county I live in.

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