Monday, July 11, 2005
Harry Potter Decision
I love my life sometimes. Right now, one of the major decisions on my mind is whether to take the new Harry Potter book on vacation. It comes out Friday night. I am seriously considering going to Barnes and Noble for one of the release parties. I figure that would be fun. Chaotic, crazy fun. Then on Monday I leave for vacation to California. I cannot read the book in the time between the release and when I get on the plane. Book 5 took me 3 solid days to read. So the question is: Do I take the mammoth (although apparently not as mammoth as 4 or 5) book to California? And so I do a comparison:

I am going to cave in and start the book on Sunday probably. I don't have time on Saturday, because I am throwing a wedding shower. But by Sunday the book will be calling to me. I will cave and I will be the one reading in the airport, on the plane, in the rental car, and on the beach. I should take pictures and document it. Oh, fun.

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