Sunday, July 31, 2005
Favicons and Amazon pictures
I had been saving things in my bloglines account to look at later. I am finally getting to that. One of them is this thing from lifehacker. The Favicon Picker Firefox Extension is amazing. It lets you pick a favicon for sites that do not pick there on. Then you are able to delete the text and save room on your linkbar for all the cool things that you want. (I guess there is also the assumption that you pick the pictures based on some sort of system and are able to go back and remember what is what. I am not so lucky. I am quite sure I will be bugging-me-not when I really just want see what people linked to a page via Hehe. This should be fun. I tried to pick pictures that made sense, but what link should go with a picture of quiche? Actually I would recommend making some simple pictures of solid colors or big letters or something rather than using pictures. I am having trouble telling the difference between the quiche and the water lilies.)

And here is an explanation on the pictures of what I am reading in the sidebar of this blog. (By popular demand!) (Speaking of, I should probably change that, I have been reading some really intersting stuff lately.) I have an associates account at (on the main website scroll down until you see the Make Money in green on the left side. Associates is the second thing under that. The Associates program is about getting people to buy things from Amazon and then you get a share of that. Its a money making thing. You can read about the Building Links here ).

Once you are logged into the associates account, you click on build links on the left of the screen. Then Product Links. Then Search for the product, find it, and customize that link. It then gives you the HTML that shows the picture and provides a link to the amazon page. You customize it to be a big or small picture, show the price or not, and so on. Then you copy the HTML and put it in the template. Then I usually have to tweak the link for the picture source to make it come from amazon. And then I am done. Any questions?

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