Friday, June 03, 2005
tagging with in funky ways
With my capstone project in process (yet not quite approved), I am looked at how people are using I have found an odd thing. And I really wish I could contact them and ask them why the heck they are tagging things this way. Because something this strange has to have a reason.

This account is tagging things with an asterisk and then the first three letters of the website address. Google would be tagged with "*goo" and not "search", "engine", "web", etc. . (Yep, not only would it be tagged like that, it IS tagged like that. There are 19 things tagged *goo, although not all of them are google.) This is so odd and fascinating. (3192 things are tagged from March 18, 2004 to August 15, 2004.) It goes against everything that most people are using for. So I wonder why this person was tagging things in this manner. Maybe it was some computer program that made it automatic. But I guess I will never know.

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