Saturday, June 04, 2005
More funkiness
I found another curious poster. This one must have imported bookmarks from his computer and then fogot to use again. There are a bunch of links, all really cool and mostly education related. (Holy Cow! On my quest to find education professional development resources I have found someone with 6 posts, using the tag: Prof._Dvlpt._Resources. Yep. Never would have guessed that one.)

Anyway, this user has posted many sites (504) but most of them are tagged with only one thing and this thing is usually words put together with underscores. (concept_mapping, graphic_organizers, social_software.) And they were all posted on the same day. And they are imported with the tags in alphabetical order. So I don't know how the importation thing works, but that whatever this guy did was probably that.

And then the user quit (last post on Feb 6th, 2005). Why? Dude, you were on a role! I like your links! Come back!

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