Friday, June 17, 2005
A screencast???
I really don't need to do a screencast. Thats not what I really need for my project. But something is telling me its what I want. My screenshots and short explanations in Word just aren't what I want. And some screencasts have been done before, but they are not exactly what I am looking for.
I just had a hard time realizing that there wasn't one really close to what I was looking for-- just a basic overview of Plus, I guess even if there was one, it would look a lot different for my users because the changes that happened a few weeks ago.

So I keep thinking that I need to make a screencast of my own. Not that I know quite how to do that. So I read up and investigated and I might take a stab at it tonight, if I feel like going out and buying a microphone. I am giving myself one day to work on it and then I need to return to the real meat of my capstone.

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