Wednesday, June 01, 2005
A day
I am this close to having my capstone idea for a related project approved. One of my roommates from college, now a middle school english teacher is going to help me with it and be one of the guinea pigs. I have a lot to do in the next month.

One of the first steps is doing a needs assessment. I need to do a literature review on using the web in the classroom. I need to reserach social bookmarking and tagging in general. It might be most difficult to look at these things without relying on wikipedia and blogs. Awesome! I found an article that was published in the Toronto Star!

Another thing I need to look at is asking current educators using how they are benefiting from using it. The tough thing is finding them. I am having minimal success starting with the users and finding who they really are. If they haven't filled in the "show name and url on my bookmarks page" checkbox, then it is impossible to find them. But I have found a few that way. The other way I am looking for people is to go to blogs, search and see if they talk about or see if they have a link to their account. It is a tedious process, but I have had some success. And I have found some real gems, talking about how educators can use This is a great post that mentions the many ways that educators can use websites. Awesome. That's what my project will be all about.

Man, will I be tired of typing It was also suggested that I put it in italics when I use it so it is more readable. I will get tired of that too.

One month. I have one month.

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