Friday, June 10, 2005
About a story that is infamous in my family: the one where Alicia just wouldn't sit down.
I am not a mom. The 4yr old kids in my class where I work ask me all the time, "Whose mommy are you?" and are always confused when I say no one's. So I haven't experienced repeating the words that I heard my mom and dad say to me to my children. But every once in a while I say something that seems like a blast from the past -- or to the future.

Yesterday it was, "if you don't sit in that chair, I'm going to take it away." And immediately my mind went back to that one night at the dinner table when I wouldn't sit down in my chair and my dad sat with me for hours (while I stood) listening to me cry and complain and reason and argue while he listened and talked. Luckily, the boy in my class sat down.

(And lucky too, that the kids are not able to repeat many of my "difficult child" offenses. I guess I will have to wait for my own kids for those.)

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