Saturday, May 21, 2005
Teaching Blogging
This post at A Difference talks about reflective blogging and mentions a great teacher/classroom blog talking about their classroom and what is going on. Great discussion about why the teacher chooses to form the groups for a group project. That's fantastic.

In the Reflective Blogging post, teacher blogs are divided into three groups:
I am still waiting on kind number four: the ones that are all about teaching and learning but are not so reflective. The ones that instead on reflecting what teaching and learning is going on, they simply state it. A blog that each day lists the journal prompt for the day. The blog that lists the homework for the night. (And all the things that I can't possibly imagine because I am not quite a teacher yet.) Maybe these are not classified as teacher blogs. Maybe "teaching tool blogs". Or something.

But the reflective teacher blogs that really get into details are getting closest to what I know is either out there or will be out there shortly. Even if I have to do it myself. :)

Update: On second thought, those reflective blogs are really, REALLY good. I can learn a lot from these people.

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