Thursday, May 12, 2005
I am a procrastinator. I waited until Saturday morning to order books for my class that started on Monday. So I had some time to kill on Monday and Tuesday while waiting for my books to arrive in the mail.

I knew I had a book waiting for me at the Austin library. So I went there and got it. It was a book by Karen Kingsbury who I have just discovered. A Christian fiction writer, who made me question how the author was going to fix all of the issues in the book like I have never questioned before.

I usually read books that are very predictable. Or if not predictable, then at least I know a few options that might happen. But with One Tuesday Morning, I remember consciously thinking, "What in the world is the author going to do with this story?"

It was fascinating, both to be reading a book that had interested me so much, and to be cognizant of my reactions to how I was reading that book.

So I went to the library to get a book of hers that I had requested. Not the sequel to One Tuesday Morning, but the first book of another series. And then after I had checked out at the automated checker outer, I went back and discovered the sequel was there too, reserved just for me. How exciting!

What a great treat before starting a new teacher certification class. A class where the teacher has warned us that the book isn't that great. It's hard and abstract and we will probably have to read the chapters more than once.

Hmph. I am hoping my library courses on lesson plans will help me out here.

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