Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Password Protected
Not much to blog about. I have lots of great things saved in bloglines so that when (if!) I have time I can go back and read and think about them.

Today there was another comment by my technology, internet, and computer lovin' 4 year old in my class. He made a house with blocks and then constructed his name out of those little letter blocks. He told me that he couldn't put his password because (and then I didn't catch the rest because I was laughing). The little one was picturing that little prompt with your user name and password. Then he proceeded to tell me what his password is -- and didn't seem to upset when I told him now I could go to his house and access all of his stuff.

Other than that, just a regular day. Tie a shoe. "Get off the fence." Wash my hands. "No tackle. No grabbing." Wipe a tear and give a hug. "Play on the grass, not with the dirt." Wash my hands. Count the kids. Read a story. Apply sunscreen to faces with cake crumbs still present.

The usual.

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