Sunday, May 01, 2005
New discoveries: Elistic
Elistic was started this weekend. I haven't yet signed up for an account but I will probably end up doing that. I don't think I fully understand what I would do with it yet. I don't quite understand what makes it a social "list" organizer. Or what makes it different than I guess it is the notes part of without having to link it to anything to begin with. But then you can link the notes to other things? I don't know.

But maybe if I start working on it, I would discover some uses for it. Here is some information from the about page.
Elistic is a social list manager. You can use it to keep just about any kind of list, or record any text content.

Elistic's building block is the Entry. Elistic users can create as many entries as they want, and fill them with just about any content. Entries can be public or private, and public entries can be viewed by anyone browsing Elistic. A basic entry consists of a title, a note, and a set of user-defined tags with which to categorize it. An entry can also be linked to any other entry, including another user's, as long as their entry is public.
It looks interesting. The creator blogs about the creation here, where he describes that the original publicity was just through tagging it on
Within a short while, the bookmark had been picked up by a few more people, and people were starting to sign up at Elistic. By the end of the day, Elistic had about 50 unique visitors, and about 200 more throughout Saturday, all from one link on Of those 250, ten people created an account and started experimenting with it.
If that isn't facinating, I don't know what is.

The creator says he started it to organize his Getting Things Done lists. GTD... like the 43 folders google groups that I lurk on, even though I haven't read the book. I was surprised to see that the creator did not announce his project on the 43 folders list. But maybe that is just all part of a brilliant publicity plan.

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