Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Email woes
Today I figured I should work on all the email I have in my listserv email account. I haven't really looked at it in about two weeks (so that can tell right there how essential it must be to my daily life.) So my library folder had accumulated over 1000 emails. It took me about 1/2 hour to scan the titles and delete 50 emails at a time. I found 6 that really interested me enough to scan the actual email and I ended up tagging (using Gmail) and 4 of them to keep. My rule is if I keep an email, I need to tag it with something so that I know how it is useful to me. Some examples are: websites, book title, library programming, recipe.

But I hate looking at this email. I signed up to LM_NET in my bloglines account so maybe that will work better for me. But probably I will just sign off in another month if that doesn't work any better. But what I want is to be able to see the FULL content of my email in RSS in bloglines.

I do enjoy the emails, but not being a current school librarian they seem like a waste of my time. But I did discover this today. PABBIS is Parents Against Bad Books in School. The librarians posting it to the listserv mentioned that it is good to be aware of what people are thinking about books, and where they get their information. The website has lists of books and exerpts of their bad words/ objectional parts. I am all for parents making informed decisions about what their kids are reading. But I sure hope they are actually going to the source and reading the whole book and making a truly informed decision. Also, the books on the website are divided into several groups according to what letter they start with. (A-G, H-L...) Then the books are listed at the top and then they are listed again with their objectional part. But there is no internal link from the first list to the second. What kind of webpage is this?

The website also has chart that looks at books and shows if they were banned at various times, on certain lists. I looked for Where's Waldo. That's the funniest banned book. Yep. I found it.

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