Sunday, May 08, 2005 thoughts
It is weird how I live in my own little bubble. Whatever I am doing, obsorbed in, or interested in, I tend to forget that everyone is not as into as I am. Right now I am in a 4-year old children bubble where sometimes I want to tie shoes of little strangers. Occupational hazzard, I suppose. I also have my bubble where I find myself using too much. I see something out of my window and I want to tag it "cool" or I hear something interesting on the news and want to tag it "to_listen_to_later". But I can't.

I was driving to Houston for Mother's Day with my brother. I asked him if he had ever heard of He hadn't. So I shared. He thought the whole thing was pretty interesting. Especially the part about the funding and wanted to know what was going to happen with that. (I then set up a technorati watch list for delicious business model. Found this blog and this one and then emailed the information to my brother. It was exciting to make the information come to me and then be able to share it.)

I was thinking more about how I will continue to use to my advantage. I really want to use it when I am a teacher. I can see myself using it for projects. If we were working on To Kill a Mockingbird in Freshman English, I could tag things with TKAM and English1 and tell students they will find useful things there. (New discovery: someone has already tagged something with ToKillAMockingbird! Looking at their other tags and their website, they are in the education field. )

I have been thinking about if I would need to make a new account for my students to access or if I will just use my existing one. Do I want to share all of my links for my personal enjoyment with my students? It would certainly be easier to have just one account. I have thought about using for a teacher account and keeping my as just my stuff. Then I could add more notes. So that is one idea.

I started to think about what general tags I would use when teaching. I might tag something with "extracredit" or "bellwork". So I set up the RSS feeds for those tags (which have not been used yet. NOT ONE TIME!) into my bloglines account so if anyone does use them I can find out. Fantastic!

I love this stuff.

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