Thursday, May 12, 2005
A question was asked in one of the library listservs that I am still on but keep thinking I should unsubscribe from. The question was about business blogs or business library blogs. One of the suggestions was Corante. So I went there and found a whole lot of interesting stuff. I can't decide which of the RSS feeds to subscribe to (28 options). I started with the main page and was surprised to see that only 157 subscribers on bloglines. The main page has also been posted to 4 times (but then I noticed that my posting had not used the "www." Using the www, there are many more than 4 - 151 to be exact. But the bloglines number stands.) That sounds really low to me.

I found a lot of interesting things here. There are sections from industry insiders and weblog sections about various topics. Business, law, technology, social software, online dating, branding, consumers, copyright. Interesting.

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