Monday, May 16, 2005
Capstone Thoughts
The only thing I have left before officially graduating with my MLS is my capstone. A project and two test questions. The project is pretty open but must "synthesize core knowledge and skills from my educational experience". Thats a pretty tall order. So getting the topic of the project is hard for me. My first two ideas were to write a manual for the student library aides of a local high school library or to weed and then select new materials to replace the weeded.

But then after reading more about the capstone project I think I could do something on blogging and Probably made for teachers and how they could incorporate those things in their teaching. A rough title might be, "How to organize and publicize information using new technology." Or something like that. The project might be a presentation and examples. A lesson. Ideas. Tips. Resources. Examples. I am just wondering how much this synthesizes all the knowledge I have learned over the past two years. But a webpage is a common project and this would be very similar.

I really need to get this thought out and written. It is a shame I am now working. And that I am brain dead when I get home. Weekends are not an option for me. This weekend I have my brother's MBA graduation, extended family in town, an English 8-12th grade certification test, and friends in town for 2 wedding showers. Then the next weekend I am in St. Louis for four days.

No time. There is never any time.

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