Tuesday, May 03, 2005
All about Numbers
I am in charge of getting the children to sleep at rest time. Somedays, I just how good or bad my day was by the percentage of children that I coax into sleep. (Other days I realize thats just stupid and find a better way to judge my worth.) Today it was not so good. Just 11/21. When the kids were too squirmy and talkative I walked around the room and told them to shh. Then I said I could start patting backs (something that they love and sometimes helps them quiet down and sleep)if I got to 100 while they were being quiet. I told them everytime I saw someone moving around or talking I would start over. Sadly, I never got past 25. And I must have said "1" about 40 times.

Later we were outside and I saw two kids run into eachother. It was one of those slow motion moments. I saw it coming but I knew I was powerless to do anything. It was such a head on collision that I actually covered my eyes as I saw it happen. I then ran to the child who was on the ground, crying and clutching his leg. I didn't know if he was seriously hurt and I couldn't figure it out while he was crying. I told him to point to the part that hurt the most (his calf) and I told him to stop crying and we would count to 20 and see if it still hurt after that. After 20, he was well enough to get up and run around again.

It still amazes me how fast he stopped crying. But the number two, he was just looking at me and listening to me count. Something about the definite amount of time made it ok to take a break and just count. I am always amazed when something that simple works so well.

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