Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Things I did today that I have never done before...
1. Left the apartment at 7:15am and got back at 6:45 pm. Man, having a real job is gonna stink. Its gonna kill me that first week.

2. Attended a full day of a statewide library conference. Wow. It was fun. I learned a lot. Am tired.

3. Watched a Young Adult Author's presentation. I have never read any of Amelia Atwater Rhodes's books, but now I may have to. While she isn't the best public speaker (she jumped around a lot and her talk didn't really flow) she had very interesting things to say. She was published as a young teenager and even now is just 20. She is pretty amazing.

4. Waved a sign and yelled things in front of the state capital. The Texas Library Association had a rally in front of the capital. While the legislature was in session. It was a nice experience. I had fun. They brought in drummers and drums and this one girl with a smile permanently plastered on her face. And not a pleasant smile. More like a freakishly-happy-and-peppy smile.
But I don't really know if I am made up for the rally life. I was supposed be yelling and excited, I would start coughing. And while I was supposed to be peppy and clapping I was thinking about how much my feet hurt and how the sun was warming my black pants. A silent sit-in on a day with a high of 68. Maybe I could do that.

5. Rode a charter bus around downtown Austin in circles stopping at several hotels that nobody wanted to stop at and finally got off after the bus drive reassured himself that he knew where he was going by asking the bus riders who were mostly from out of town.

6. Ate a whole packet of Rolos on the way home from the grocery store during a weak moment of hunger and tiredness and low self-control.

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