Saturday, April 02, 2005
Testing and JP2
I just finished taking my library certification test. I was amazed at the number of people taking the tests. Hundreds. Apparently I had 5 hours to take the test. Thats 3.3333 minutes per question. Wow. Luckily I don't require that much time and was done in under 2 hours. 10 of the questions are being tested for future use so they don't count. I wish we could circle the ones not to grade. Overall, I think I passed. There was one question about the best way to show off the library in an Open House event that I took a lot of time on, debating between two answers. Then there was a factual question about Dewey. I pictured the library I am in now and thought about where I would go to find those books and thought about what numbers those books were. Luckily that saved me.

While I was taking my test, Pope John Paul II died. While I was reading questions about intellectual freedom and how to design a library according to new standards, the Pope was talking to Peter at the gates and taking the "Welcome to Heaven: How we work up here" orientation.

My mom was telling me that as always I am in the middle. The Pope John Paul II started his years as Pope the year my older was born and he died today, on my younger sister's birthday. Thats how life works sometimes.

I came home hoping to watch some of the tv coverage. Unfortunately all of the broadcast stations were all wrapping up their coverage and returning to regularly scheduled programming. Sports. I don't have cable, so I am watching my Spanish channel. I don't understand much of it, but at least I can see the pictures and hear a word here and there.

There are some fantastic days for a Catholic ahead. We can reflect on what an impact JPII has had, and watch the process of choosing the next pope. I know these next few weeks will be something I will remember and tell my kids about.

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