Monday, April 11, 2005
Tagging and Bloglines (again...)
Two interesting things in the more mainstream news.

A Newsweek article about tagging. It is a postive, introductory article.

Then on the Florida Sunlink Announcemnets for K-12 Librarians, they talk about Bloglines. I dont know how popular this Florida Libriarn blog is. Does it go beyond Florida libarians to all school librarians? The weed of the month associated with the Sunlink Website is fairly well-known. (I think.) What is slightly ironic is that if librarians are not already using bloglines (there are 8 bloglines subscribers to this blog), they may not know that the Sunlink Announcements has been updated. The next time they happen to check the site, they may not scroll through to read about Bloglines. If that's true, what a shame. But regardless, the post has useful links and would prove useful to school librarians.

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