Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Reading Management
I seem to be collecting books more than usual lately. I have over 12 from three separate trips to the library. Four more from a recent trip to half price books. And probably 20 that have been collected over the last year. This is just counting the books I have not read. I usually read a lot, but this collecting and not reading is a new thing.

This gets me to thinking about how I choose what book to read next. Sometimes it is easy, but sometimes I need to come up with complex ways of choosing.

I used to read the first chapter of a group of books and then continue reading whatever one grabbed me the most.

Then I started a random system of picking a number and a letter of the alphabet. Say 7 and K. It was usually K. I love the letter K. Whichever author's name's seventh letter was closest to the letter K in the alphabet would be my chosen book to read.

Now I am thinking I need some elaborate first-in, first-out inventory sort of system. This would ensure that I read all of those books I bought last year. But that would cause severe problems with the library books that have deadlines.

I think about this too much. I should just start reading.

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