Sunday, April 10, 2005
While reading on the whole taxonomy/folksonomy thing (I keep telling myself to stop but it is just so darn facinating) I found this unique phrase:
I'm sure if someone ever conducts an academic study of tag choices by users, we'll see that there is a minimum of collision because most tags are straightforward and unadorned: "web", "blog", and "online" no doubt dominate, with tags like "linux", "tv", and "music" following right in behind. Along the same lines, a number of quote unquote personal tags will be all be entirely worthless towards searching anyways.
As far as I know, the use of quotes started in written language like this: "personal tags". Then it moved to verbal language. People use the little air quotes or say "quote unquote". Here the words "quote unquote" have made is used written language. Either this person was so used to saying the words "quote unquote" that he wrote them, or he was trying to make a distinction between the use of the phrase "personal tags" as opposed to the use of specific tags ("web", "blog" "online") in the previous sentence. Interesting.

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