Monday, April 18, 2005
Paper in 48
A new job filled with tying shoes, wiping noses, and telling children to use their whisper voices leaves less room in my life for my daily internet time. So sad. I have several articles and blog posts bookmarked and in the KeepNew part of Bloglines so that I can return to them.

This week will be rough. I'm sorta sick. (The talking to kids combined with sleeping in my car on saturday night and working outside for a large part of the day in the allergy filled Austin area has left my voice horribly hoarse and sometimes simply not there.)

And then I have full week of full time job, combined with my last real week of my last real library class. If I had known it would turn out like this, I'm not sure I would have planned it this way. My library class is doing action research. I will look at blogs in libraries. That will be fun. It is the 5-7 page paper due in 48 hours that will not be fun. I'll get it done though. If I had not been telling myself "just one step at a time" maybe I would have seen how extensive this preliminary paper would be. Oh well.

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