Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Oh, how cute.
I have a four year old in my class that is so web-savy that his parents had to install filters because he would put random words he knows between "www." and ".com" and sometimes come up with things that are not quite right for an innocent four year old.

Today, we were talking about if we went on a picnic, what would we bring. I said fried chicken. Other children said strawberries and pizza. This child said a laptop. I later asked him what he would do and he said, "You know, get on the internet and play games at Nick Jr."

Wow. I just can't decide if this kid will be a workaholic who can't ever stay away from his laptop/cell phone/pda or some cool technology guy who ... well... who ... can't ever stay away from his laptop/ cell phone/ pda.

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