Saturday, April 30, 2005
oh firefox i love you
With a free weekend, I have had time to catch up on blog reading and play with firefox extensions. First, I read most of those things that I have kept as new on bloglines. And I have discovered some of those ads that are apprearing in bloglines. How icky. But, its free so its ok.

I have had two extensions on firefox for a while. I have Tabbrowser Preferences and Livelines. Now I have Super DragAndGo. (I can click on any link drag it to any open space and it will open in a new tab. I love it and it gives me joy to see it work.) And All-In-One-Gestures. It combines many things: mouse gestures (which I had some experience when my roommate used Opera in college but this is better because it draws a line so you can see where you are going. And holy cow! you can choose the color!!!), rocker navigation, scroll wheel in tab bar, scroll wheel navigation, middle button scrolling and link tooltip. I will now have to teach myself how to use these. How fun!!!

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