Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Librarians as Patrons
I was at the library yesterday when the lady checking me out told me that I had a book six days overdue. I looked at her and hesitated in making my excuses. Because I knew how she would counter them. I know how it all works.

When I was doing my practicum at the library in Kansas, I worked for two days at the circulation desk. The circulation manager would tell me that 95% of the time, the lost books were found in the possession of the patron. The library staff would give them ideas on where to look (under the bed, in the car, etc.). The library would promise to also keep an eye out.

So I knew all of this when all I wanted to do was look at the woman and say, "No. I am SURE I turned that in." Because I am. I really did turn it in. But I am still waiting on her phone call telling me they found it.

On the other hand, the book that I forgot to check in at the desk, (but REALLY DID leave at the school library when I did my storytime activity at an elementary school library last week) has appeared and been checked in. And I just saved around $30.

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