Friday, April 08, 2005
Last day at TLA
I arrived for an early session. Also the only session without breakfast included. It was for the Young Adult Round Table. About Lonestar and Tayshas books. There were some book talks done by librarians on the committees. Some of the books look very exciting. My wish list is growing.

The second session had five authors. I saw Amelia-Atwater Rhodes again. She had some interesting things to say, as all the authors did. (Mark Delaney, Valerie Hobbs, Neal Shusterman, and Janette Rallison) I will have to read some of their books. I know all of the book related sessions would have meant a lot more if I had read any of the books they were talking about.

Books were on sale in the exhibitor's space. I was walking by one of the booths and spotted Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. I have heard this was good (Spotted it here and other places.) So ALL of the books at this booth were $10. This book is HUGE. I got such a great deal. The retail price is $27.95. But I paid only ten bucks (1.27 cents per page, 14.49 cents per chapter). While grabbing a quick bite, I spotted a BookCrossings Book. I had seen one yesterday but the book didn't interest me. But I did grab this one because I was afraid if I didn't that it would just get thrown away or something. Its The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. So it can sit on my shelf next to Bee Season.

We tried to listen to Gloria Estefan at the lunch, but because of fire hazard issues, no one without tickets was let inside. Bummer. An anticlimactic end to TLA 2005.

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